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Foilco: specialists in hot stamping foils

Foilco has been servicing the graphics industry for over 30 years offering the largest range of hot stamping foils in all sectors. With a wealth of expertise on all types of applications, our huge range of grades offer immediate solutions. Our company is built around service to the customer. Our speed of response to orders and sample requests ensures that you meet the just in time requirements of today’s print industry. The large majority of orders for hot and cold foils are supplied directly from stock.

Hot Stamping Foils

We have foils to suit all print occasions. We offer multiple grades for specific applications from wood to cloth, from paper to parchment. At Foilco we understand the vast variation in substrates and print processes that can lead to various issues with areas of application.We strongly focus on providing a range of solutions for the brand owner & printer.




Stamping foil supplier Foilco has achieved recognition for export success in 2019 Queen's Awards for Enterprise.

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Brushed films add a luxury finish to your packaging, brochures and book covers.

Colours available include bright silver & gold, satin silver & gold as well as a range of metallic colours.


Foil for Toner

The toner foiling process is the perfect solution for low volume stationery or for proofing new designs prior to larger hot foil production.

The process involves printing onto paper using toner inks from your printer, place the foil over the top then feed the paper and foil through a heated laminator or specialist unit.  Once this is complete, remove the foil to reveal the toner now decorated with the transferred foil.

A large range of metallic, pigment & holographic foils available.


Gold & Silver

Foilco has one of the largest ranges of bright gold and silver foils with over 30 shades available from stock.

By adding a bright gold or silver hot stamping foil to your product it provides a quality of finish that adds value & has proven to increase sales.



Holographic films also known as diffraction patterns add value & movement to your product.

Over 150 designs available ranging from dots, squares, cracked ice, rainbow, pillars of light, snowflakes to swirls.

Available in silver, gold, transparent & a range of metallic colours.


Metallic Colours

With a range of nearly 100 coloured foils from stock, Foilco offers an unrivalled selection of foils in all colours of the spectrum in both gloss & satin finishes.

We also offer a pantone matching service with low minimum order quantities to give your brand added exclusivity.



These semi translucent foils feature heavily in greeting card applications. Alongside the popular mother of pearl white foil we also stock a further 15 colours including our unique two tone pearls.



Matt pigments simulate the look of letterpress. Pigment foils should always be considered when printing on dry or textured papers & boards. Strong uniform colour is achieved. Lithographic inks often look dull or lose their strength of colour and screen printing is not without its problems. Hot foils is a dry solvent free option with no lengthy setup time or cost.

Fields of application are graphics, plastics, promotional items, coding & self adhesive labels.

Over 50 gloss & 30 matt pigments available from stock.

Pantone matching available with low minimum order quantities and a quick turnaround to meet print demands.


Satin Gold and Silver

Foilco stocks a very large range of satin gold & silver foils that are favoured by the drinks industry, particularly the whisky trade.

Where packaging & distinction is paramount, foil adds a level of exclusivity and increases brand awareness.

Speak to the sales support team about a satin foil for you.


Scratch Off

The foil contains a heavy sizing of black ink to mask hidden texts, digits & data. The foil is then removed with a coin to reveal this information.

These foils are applied in the same conventional way as other hot foils.

Available in finishes such as gold, silver, holographic and black/grey spider effect.



We are able to offer various security options depending on the level of security required.

Holograms in wallpaper designs, 2D & 3D bespoke images with overt or covert security features.

Wallpaper design is an overall design featuring text or images that can be foil stamped by standard application. Mainly used on cheque and vouchers.

2D designs are a low cost one layer hologram image which does not have the visual hologram depth of a 2D/3D or 3D hologram. Due to this the 2D hologram text and image can be very bright, particularly with small font or design size.

2D/3D holograms can be made from flat artwork. The subject is arranged in two-dimensional layers which are separated in space. This creates the feeling of depth for security

3D images can be created from actual objects or three dimensional models. The shape, texture and shading can be achieved with this origination.


Special Effects

Marble, cross hatch, animal print, ombre stripe, antique and multicolour effect foils are used in many different industries from picture frames and textiles to book covers.

If you have a particular theme or graphical image that you are trying to achieve please talk to our sales support team who will be glad to discuss this further.



An excellent alternative to spot UV varnish. Problem areas of using spot UV varnish are on dry paper applications where the gloss level can be diminished through absorption into the material.

Where embossing UV varnish “milking” or “cracking” of that varnish can take place.

Transparent hot stamping foils provide a solution for both these problems. Available in both high gloss & matt clear.


Cliché (printing technique)

The UEI Group's winning solutions and products are paving the future for foil stamping and embossing. Our world-class products provide our customers with reduced production times, improved efficiencies, and unmatched quality. Collectively, the UEI Group Companies are committed to meeting the ever-changing needs and demands of our customers. We're proud to be an integral part of the foil stamping and embossing industry and we continually strive to deliver new innovations for pur customers.


How this folder was produced: The entrie job was run on a SpeedChase®. All dies were mounted in perfect register to the UniLock-Up® NXT die/plates. The changeover between passes was quick and easy, with little-to-no makeready.

  • First pass: A Unifraxion® copper die was used to apply silver foil (Infinity #10) to the camera flashes and parts of the car.
  • Second pass: An overprint pass - where the 4-color process ink is - was applied on top of the foil. A Soft Touch® coating was also applied to the pockets.
  • Third/Fourth passes: Copper flat stamping dies were used to apply blue foil (Infinity #25) and gold foil (Infinity #97) to the logos and a holographic foil (Infinity #90-97) to the inside pockets.
  • Fifth/Sixth pass: Spot UV coatings were applied.
  • Seventh pass: A UniQueTM die was used to provide a single-pass, tight-register red foil (Infinity #45) and emboss to the words "Innovation Wins Race"
  • Eighth pass: To achieve the outstanding embossing of the car and trophy, a sculptured brass emboss die was used. A brass deboss die was used to deboss a square pattern into the pockets.


Mainly used in the extrusion & plastics market. These products can be seen in the picture frame, tile trim, & furniture markets.

Over 50 designs available from stock ranging from pale beech to oak to dark mahogany.

We also stock a range of patterns suitable for application to MDF used mainly in the furniture industry.

We are able to manufacture bespoke patterns for low minimum orders and quick turnaround.



Foilco applications foil roll

Graphics paper and board, Plastics, Label Industry, Textiles, Toner applications, Cold Dieless, Coding products, Pharmaceutical, Security Holograms, Holographic’s, MDF applications. 

Holographic films also known as diffraction patterns add value & movement to your product.

Available in silver, gold, transparent & a range of metallic colours.



A very versatile foil available in several metallic & satin colours. Offers high speed foiling on label papers such as treated, varnished, ink coated, as well as films laminates.

Designed to work on uncoated & embossed papers. The metallic finish remains brighter and offers a superior finish to most standard foils.

Matt pigment foil available in a range of colours suitable for a range of applications.

Gloss pigment foil available in a large range of colours suitable for wide range of applications.


An easy release metallic foil suitable for printing onto bookcloth, leather and board offering a bright metallic finish.

Matt pigment foil available in a range of colours. Capable of printing large areas. Overprintable.

Matt pigment foil available for fine detail applications on a wide range of materials.


Glitter Products

Glitter series

When looking for a unique and decorative way to enhance your products try Glitter from Infinityfoils. Glitter is a creative and eye-catching way to add both visual and tactile value. When adding glitter to products you add brilliance, shine, reflection, and "sparkle".

Glitter has such a universal appeal and its popularity couldn't be greater. You can adorn a wide variety of products with glitter from custom papers to greeting cards, social stationery, packaging, toys, crafts, ornaments, paperback books, and so much more.

We offer the most popular colors and particle shapes of glitter. We even offer a special order product that is a superfine particle size of glitter for those special applications that need just a "dust" of glitter.



We have a large range of makeready materials available which aid in the printing of the hot stamping foil. Choice of the correct makeready material offers the following benefits, reduction of set up time, Improves the quality of the foil print, Eliminates or minimises “spot” makeready and ensures consistent quality through short and long runs.


Blue Print Base

Print Base is a self-adhesive soft rubber make-ready. Print Base is ideal for use on label process machines.  Like Rubbercloth, Print Base is an excellent hard wearing make-ready suitable for large hot stamping die areas or large print beds with multiple dies. The rubber material makes Print Base a very resilient make-ready which is not easily damaged by repeated impressions. Folico supply Print Base in one sheet size: 420mm x 297mm at 0.9mm thickness.


Die Bonding Tape

Die Bonding Film is a brown heat reactive tape used for bonding metal dies to the metal heat plate.

The tape ensures that the die remains in place and resist movement when pressure applied.

How to use Die Bonding Film

Cut a piece to size required – smaller than the die area.  It is advisable to file down a corner of the base of printing die; this makes it easier to remove the die when finished.

Turn the machine on and wait until the machine has heated to the required temperature.  Then place the die face down on the bed of the machine placing a piece of die bonding film on the back of the die.  Close the head of the machine against the bed and hold for about 25 seconds.

The heat from the plate will activate the Die Bonding Film and glue the die to the plate.  Once you want the die removed, cool the machine down and use a suitable implement to carefully get beneath the edge of the filed corner and prise the die off the plate.

Foilco supply Die Bonding Film in the following sizes:

50mm x 1m

76mm x 1m

50mm x 55m

76mm x 55m


Die Cleaning Brush

A glass fibre brush used to remove build up of paper in foil in metal dies.


Embossing Board

Embossing board is a soft yellow board to be used in conjunction with blind embossing dies to form the male counterpart.  This material can also be known as Coverboard.

How Embossing Board is used:

The board is fixed to the machine bed and then moistened with a damp cloth or spray.

After a few impressions are made, the Embossing Board conforms precisely to the die producing a durable blind embossing counter.

This provides a quick, clean and very effective method of forming a male counter for blind embossing.

It can also be used on top of a liquid and powder formed counter to give extra depth if this is required and aid in smoothing out stock.

Embossing Board can significantly reduce make-ready time when compared to powder techniques which involve prolonged drying time.


  1. Attach a piece of Epoxy Glass board or Pertinax to the make-ready plate of your machine.
  2. Cut a suitable piece of yellow Embossing Board and place it over the Epoxy Glass or Pertinax with double sided tape.
  3. Run the machine through one impression, making sure that the Embossing Board is in the correct area for the die to hit.
  4. Wet the Embossing Board with water (this enables the Embossing Board to shape itself to the female die) and run the machine through 5-6 impressions.
  5. When this is complete there will be an exact copy of the die on the Embossing Board. However, the edges of the die will be showing, these edges should be removed by chamfering.
When the above steps have been completed, the new counter should be protected by placing a piece of soft blotting paper over the top of the Embossing Board. Inquiry

Epoxy Glass Board

Epoxy Glass Board is an extremely strong and durable resin based make-ready.

This make-ready is highly recommended when hot stamping fine to medium detail prints.

Epoxy Glass Board is very flat which ensures correct, even pressure across the area of the make-ready.   Like Pertinax, Epoxy Glass Board provides very clean and sharp prints due to the hard flat surface.

Epoxy glass is very resilient.  It is extremely hard to dent which makes it the most desirable make-ready for very long production runs as it reduces the need for further make-ready set up times.  Epoxy glass has also been designed for repeated use on different jobs without any detrimental effect on quality.

This make-ready can also be used together with other make-readies, such as Embossing Board and Pragotherm.

Foilco supply Epoxy Glass Board in two thicknesses:

838mm x 915mm at 0.5mm thickness

838mm x 915mm at 1mm thickness



Pertinax is a dark brown resinous sheet make-ready which makes it very tough, ensuring a long usage life.

Pertinax can be used for various hot stamping applications; due to the durability it is especially useful when a hard or firm print impression is required. Pertinax is an ideal make-ready to use when hot foil stamping paper and thin board where graphics are of fine line or detail to achieve crisp clean prints.

It is a highly recommended make-ready when foiling onto paper where it is essential there is no image show through on the reverse.

Pertinax is also used during foil embossing in conjunction with Pragotherm 800. It is also known as cutting base when used on label process machines as the Pertinax forms a hard base for the cutting blade.

Foilco supply Pertinax in one size:

460mm x 305mm (A3 size) at 0.5mm thickness



Pragoplast is a cream coloured sheet with a self-adhesive backing to be used when blind embossing paper and thin board.  Pragoplast is excellent for producing shallow embossed details; it is quick and easy to use as the male counter is formed in register by the die.  This material is normally used with embossing dies for cold blind embossing. Pragoplast is suitable for use on platen and cylinder machines. For deep embossing an alternative product should be used.



Pragotherm is a material used to produce the counterpart die for shallow foil embossing or textured dies when printing onto paper. Pragotherm is suitable for use on platens and cylinder machines. Please note Pragotherm is not to be used for blind embossing.


  1. Position the die in the press and heat the die up to 140C.
  2. Cut a piece of brown Pertinax to a size larger than the area of the die.  Position this piece of Pertinax on the platen of the machine in relation to the position of the die.  Secure the Pertinax using self-adhesive tape on all four sides (preferably masking tape to enable additional packing).
  3. Operate the machine and adjust, by increasing printing weight, or by packing behind the Pertinax or machine platen plate, to achieve a foil print on all edges of the foil embossing die.

Any small areas missing on larger dies should be corrected by packing for example, using tissue paper patches under the Pertinax.

  1. Using the sandpaper provided in the kit, roughen the surface of the Pertinax in the print area.  Remove dust using a dry cloth.
  2. Cut a piece of the RED foil larger than the die and position and secure on the Pertinax over the printed image.
  3. Place a piece of hot stamping foil over the red foil with the adhesive side towards the red foil.
  4. Slowly close the press, manually, and leave closed on impression for 2-3 minutes.
  5. Open the press slowly, remove hot stamping foil.  If all contours of die are visible, check to see if excess red foil can be removed easily.  If not place another piece of red foil on top of first piece, place a piece of hot stamping foil on top of this and close the machine again.  Leave on impression for a further 2-3 minutes.
  6. All excess material should now be easily removed. According to the condition of the die some edges may have to be eased using a knife.

Place a piece of hot stamping foil over the completed make-ready and if required, a piece of paper (approx 100gsm) over this.  This paper is to protect the make-ready from abrasion.

  1. Re-adjust machine temperature to required foiling temperature.  Embossing can now commence.  Do not remove any machine printing weight.

Foilco supply the following pack sizes:

  1. 20cm x 20cm Kit
  2. 20cm x 20cm Refill
  3. 20cm x 40cm Refill


Presspahn is a fibrous board make-ready. It is one of the most widely used, low cost make-readies for hot foil blocking. Due to the fibre makeup of Presspahn this make-ready allows for some compression on printing, this is ideal for hot foiling areas where there is a combination of fine and medium detail.  Presspahn will will also last a reasonable length of time on print runs before there is a need to replace.

Foilco supply Presspahn in two thicknesses and sizes:

Sheet size 838mm x 914mm

0.5mm and 1mm thickness



Rubbercloth is a soft black compressed laminate make-ready. Due to the glass-impregnated surface, this make-ready ensures a greater durability compared to the fibre based make-readies. Rubbercloth is an excellent make-ready for large solid foil blocking areas due to the make-readies ability to compress, alleviating uneven pressure issues.  Rubbercloth is commonly used to avoid marking from will also last a reasonable length of time on print runs before there is a need to replace.

Foilco supply Presspahn in two thicknesses and sizes:

Sheet size 838mm x 914mm

0.5mm and 1mm thickness



Spz film is a thin soft film of “milky” appearance. This make-ready has excellent accuracy of thickness which enables hot foil printing of fine designs. SPZ film can be used as an overlay make-ready to protect and extend the life of embossing and other make-ready materials underneath. This make-ready is recommended mainly for use with cylinders.

Foilco supply SPZ film in one sheet size: 900mm x 1000mm



Sustamid is a soft plastic sheet make-ready with a smooth milky appearance.

This make-ready is ideal when even pressure is required over medium to large areas.  Sustamid is also an excellent make-ready for printing artwork which includes fine detail or fine detail close to solid areas.

Sustamid is recommended for use on small and large machines.

Due to this make-ready being translucent, it makes this an ideal choice when there is a necessity for extra “packing” underneath the make-ready in instances where different levels of pressure are needed.

Recommended for use on large bed machines eg: Gietz

Foilco supply Sustamid in the following sheet sizes:


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