Aligning | Sheet jogging

Solid engineering and precise, modern technology – a professional peripheral to the cutting machine.

The new Busch product guarantees precise ream alignment. The uniform, highly precise alignment and the formation of reams into blocks by the air removal roller are prerequisites for accurate cutting. The joggers boost a cutting machine’s productivity, as they allow continuing cutting during material preparation outside of the cutting machine.

Lifting | Pile Hoists

Loading & Unloading

Eureka Intelligent Loader & Unloader

Developed independently by GW Group in the year 2013, the brand new product Intelligent loader is a replacement of traditional products of the same type, filling the technology gap domestic and abroad; it improves its working efficiency, operation and safety, becomes one of the most perfect equipment in automatic cutting system.

Unloader has the function inlcuding auto paper feeding, unloading and stacking which can unlaod the paper from working table rapidly.

Pile Turners

Originally the machine was used just for turning paper, to replace manpower by machinery. Nowadays it fulfils many more additional tasks, such as - Airing - Dust removing - Drying - Aligning - Jogging -

For the demands of the printer or paper and board converter a pile turner with these capabilities represents an indispensable piece of equipment

The Busch pile turner speeds up and improves both the printing and the finishing process. Different sorts of paper and board with varying weights can be handled on the turner. As the demands for quality increase, the pile turner represents a sensible investment.

In 1976 the first Busch pile turner was designed and delivered. With decades of experience a perfect engineering is guaranteed - and top quality is Busch’s first priority. The solid and modern designed machines are well known for their easy handling – they are used worldwide and prove a notable longevity.

All Busch pile turners are designed and manufactured in own factories in Germany (Seevetal). The large range of models, with numerous options, fulfils all individual requirements.

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