Block making Equipment

Book Block Rounding


Rounding machine for bookblocks

Technical specification:

  • Model: Q-Round
  • Width, cm: 50
  • Thickness, cm: 10 - 30
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End Paper Gluing

PräziGard Endpaper gluing machine

The PräziGard is designed to glue folded endpapers to the book blocks.

The machine applies a strip of glue on endsheets and connects them to the book block.

Attaching of end-paper on bookblocks with PräziGard:

  • small sewn book block;
  • small set-up book blocks;
  • easy to use.


  • Book block formats: (Widht: 110 - 225 mm,Height: 148 - 320 mm,Thickness: 1 - 50 mm)
  • Output: max. 360 cycles/h
  • Floor space: 154 x 39 cm
  • Height: 37 cm
  • Weight: 27 kg

* Subjects to technical alteration

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Headband gluing


CMC Italia Q-BAND - Machine to apply the headband to the book spine. The application is made by double-sided tape. Single head, table top headbanding machine.

Technical specification:

  • Model: Q-Band ONE
  • Book height, mm: 80 x 450
  • Book thickness, mm: 4 - 50
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