Spare Parts

Manufacturing of metal spare parts according to customer’s drawings (or samples) with milling (up to 800x400x300mm) and lathe machinery (length up to 1000mm, max diameter 300mm).


All spare parts orders shall be sent to the e-mail: to Mrs Liana Kazaine.

By submitting an enquiry please indicate the following information:

  • Details of the equipment
  • Description / Model
  • Serial number- on the data plate of the equipment
  • Year of production
  • Part number and description of the spare part you are looking for
  • Required quantity
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Services for pre-press equipment

  • Consultations on Xingraphics thermal printing plates,
  • Available spare parts for Screen, Agfa, Fuji thermal CTP systems;
  • Laser diodes, tile clamps and other spare parts for Heidelberg Topsetter CTP models (up to year 2006),
  • Spare parts for plate processors – Glunz&Jensen, Heights, Ovit, Lastra, etc.,
  • Renovation of plate processor rollers,
  • Lamps for copy frames – Theimer and other models,
  • Calibration of plate processors.

Services for printing presses

  • Transfer cylinder jackets (metal and plastic) – Blueglass, SuperBlue Nets,
  • Testing, renovation, exchange and adjustment of rubber, rilsan and chrome rollers for Komori, Heidelberg, Ryobi, ManRoland presses,
  • Service of dampening roller systems and IR dryers – Technotrans, Grafix, Baldwin IVT,
  • Lamps for UV and IR dryers,
  • Filters – Technotrans water solution system filters, oil filters, air filters,
  • Spare parts for coating sections and their pumps – Harris&Bruno, Tresu, Technotrans,
  • New Apex anilox rollers and their renovation,
  • Wash-up blades for printing presses,
  • On-site cylinder repair for presses,
  • Calibration of CIP3 ink profiles for Komori presses,
  • Densitometers, spectrophotometers and automatic ink measuring systems – X-rite, Techkon,
  • Pantone scales,
  • Inspection of technical condition and maintenance of printing presses (Komori, Heidelberg, Ryobi, ManRoland),
  • Evaluation of printing presses before sales or purchase,
  • Dismantling, assembly, relocation of printing presses (Komori, Heidelberg, Ryobi, ManRoland).

Services for post-press equipment

  • Services for post-press equipment:
  • Spare parts for post-press equipment,
  • Renovation of folding rollers for folding machines Horizon, Stahl, GUK with Soft PU rings or Hard PU layer,
  • New folding rollers for Stahl, GUK folders,
  • Perforation knives for folding machines - Horizon, Stahl, GUK, MBO,
  • New German quality cutting knives for guillotines from Hagedorn/Kanefusa,
  • Grinding of paper cutting knives,
  • Maintenance of paper cutting machines – Perfecta, Schneider Senator, Wohlenberg.

Following are the steps involved in a typical ordering process

After receipt of your enquiry we reply to this by forwarding a Quotation. Quotation provides information about the price, mode of delivery and payment terms. 
In case, if the price and other terms and conditions are acceptable to you, after placing of your order, you will be provided with an Order confirmation or a Pro-forma invoice if an advance payment is required. In that case, an order can be processed once payment has been confirmed.


Payment terms

We request full payment in 14 calendar days from the date of invoice. However, there are times when a customer has to pay in advance: an advance payment may be required for processing orders with direct delivery and / or special orders.

Delivery terms

Delivery labeled Standard will typically be delivered within 6 working days or less, after we receive your purchase order (weekdays until 2 p.m.). 

Delivery labeled Saver will be delivered within 1-2 working days, after we receive your purchase order (weekdays until 2 p.m.). 

In case of advance payment, an order can be processed once payment has been confirmed.

Delivery costs are estimated and dependent on the value of the parcel, they will be charged according to the actual cost. 

In case of a short payment/ overpayment the difference will be charged/credited separately. In case of partial shipment there will be additional freight cost charged.

Order Changes & Cancellations

Once orders are assigned a reference number (Order confirmation / Pro-forma invoice), requested changes are subject to our ability to comply. 

Non-standard orders and/or Direct deliveries cannot be canceled once processing of the order has begun.

Return policy

If you receive an incorrect product, please contact us immediately. Returned products must be in brand new condition, unused and have all original manufacturer's packaging, materials and accessories. Return shipments are subject to a minimum 25% restocking charge. In case of return, you will be charged for all shipping charges.

If you have any questions, we would be happy to help you trough our Customer / Spare parts Service (

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