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Offset rollers

Offset printing- LotoTec

New generation rollers for green printing.

The coating system is based on the use of fluorinated elastomers (FKM) and, through the combination of material and processing, it delivers three properties that set it apart from and in advance of the functionality and property spectrum of traditional elastomer rollers:

  • Longer lifetime
  • Quicker cleaning 
  • Stable printing process, free from IPA
  • Excellent printing quality
  • Lower surface tension 

The LotoTec roller underwent its baptism of fire as a damping unit fountain roller—a roller as water repellent as ‘teflon’ in a damping unit.

Available from stock as metering rollers or as Modular Roller System from inking unit.


Rubber rollers

Werograph - conventional printing

The tried-and-tested ink roller quality with high volume stabiliy because of good swell resistance and minimised heat-build-up. It also offers easy washability and guarantees a long life.

WeroUV - 100 % UV printing 

The optimal quality for ink and dampening form rollers for pure UV inks.

Weromix- mixed and LED printing 

The special quality for ink and dampening form rollers for mixed printing. This quality is also recommended for hybride inks.


Dumping rollers- excelent distribution and water film stability


The perfect dampening roller quality for alcohol reduced or free printing. It is already used by many printing machine manufacturers in the first equipment.


The tried-and-tested dampening roller quality for continuous-film dampening systems for sheet-fed and web printing. The hydrophilic surface and the constant Shore hardness guarantee constant wetting over a long time.


The quality with high mechanic stability for dampening form rollers for Dahlgren and Delta dampening systems with an excellent media resistance.

Reduce of IPA 0%

Keeping the image-free areas on the plate clear is the only process stage that requires water. In all other areas, water disrupts and leads to process instability. In consequence, the Loto-Tec fountain roller is ideally suited to alcohol-free printing.

A mirror smooth, teflon-like hydrophobic roller as the ‘pan roller’ in the damping unit appears to contradict everything that has been thought, written or said up until now.



Advantage Plus

The range of the ADVANTAGE offset printing blankets is noted for outstanding dimensional stability, minimum loss in thickness, impact resistance, longer service life and excellent print quality. Designed and formulated for a wide range of sheetfed presses for printing on paper/ carton stocks. 

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This textile-based blanket was designed and formulated for an extremly sharp dot reproduction on a wide range of sheetfed presses. It is suitable for all kinds of inks and paper/carton stocks and it assures a long service life.


Advantage Stripping

Blankets designed with a stable pre-carcass and optimum compressible layer construction for easy stripping on coating units. Also suitable for printing.


Wide range of offset printing blankets


The following applications of advantage printing blankets in the printing industry are facilitated:

Sheet-fed printing

  • Conventional inks, 
  • UV technology, Hibrid varnishing; 

WEB printing

  • Heat-set, 
  • Cold-set; 

Metal decorating

  • Conventional inks, 
  • UV technology; 

Printing endless forms

  • Conventional inks,
  • UV technology.

Premium Anti-Marking Film and Jackets

SUPER ICPTM the original anti-marking film The original glass bead anti-marking products were developed in Japan by Shinoda. They coined the term ICP which is now common place in referring to anti-marking films. Since their invention, Shinoda have developed two glass beaded films, the standard ICP (white) and premium Super ICP (green). Super ICP film is available in a full range of converted jackets for Heidelberg, complete with fixtures and fittings for perfect fit onto the cylinder. Its optimal glass bead surface is sealed with a premium silicon coating, which is super repellent to ink, oil and water. The standard white ICP film is not sealed in the same way but is topped with a durable uniform glass bead matrix to prevent ink from marking the substrate. Both films are easily cleaned manually with water miscible cleaning agents.

Shinoda ICP products have served the global printing industry since the 1960s.

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