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We provide high-quality printing technology

About Us



● Selling prepress, postpress, digital and offset printing equipment



●  Full support service



● Supplying materials and consumables



● In 4 countries - Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus



● Experiance over 29 years



● Professional and certificated engineers






Our Story



StarLett Ltd. was founded in year 1991 and since then it has managed to develop into one of the leading pre-press, printing and post-press equipment, material and consumables supplier in the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and Belarus with its own local service center in Riga, Latvia.
StarLett Ltd. represents on an exclusive base the leading Japanese printing equipment manufacturers: KOMORI printing presses (since 2003), SCREEN pre-press systems (since 2003), as well as other well-known manufacturers as HP Indigo digital presses (since 1996), Eureka guillotines, James Burn spiral binding equipment, D&K laminators, etc.

The headquarters of StarLett is located in Riga, Latvia. Furthermore, StarLett has 3 branch offices: StarLett UAB in Vilnius, Lithuania, StarLett OU in Tallinn, Estonia and a daughter company BelStarLett in Minsk, Belarus.  StarLett has its own office, service center and warehouse (total 1500 m2) in Riga, the office and warehouse in Vilnius (total 250 m2) and service engineers ready to support the customers any time. Altogether StarLett employs 40 people.

During over twenty-five years of hard work the company has gained the market stability and its customers' confidence, which means even more responsibility and also profitable job in future. StarLett has established a long-term cooperation with all its business partners.


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