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HP SmartStream Designer with HP Mosaic and HP Collage

HP SmartStream Designer lets you create sophisticated, custom jobs through a simple, affordable variable data tool optimized for HP Indigo digital presses. It includes exclusive plug-ins like HP Collage and HP Mosaic that let you create virtually unlimited design variations.

Simplify and automate custom design

Leverage existing assets to create custom versions quickly.

HP SmartStream Designer features: 

  • Sophisticated rules-based variable data for text and images
  • HP Mosaic: automatic creation of designs based on core patterns
  • HP Collage: automatic creation of designs based on combinations of basic elements
  • Connectivity to applications that give location-based variable data, barcode creation, and more
  • Easy-to-use interface, compatible with Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator

Process jobs faster

Boost productivity with HP SmartStream Composer, a powerful personalization jobs composition tool for HP SmartStream Designer templates. Ideal for HP Indigo and HP PageWide Web Press customers, it allows you to efficiently process jobs from capture to print. You can also create and submit VDP jobs automatically.

Effortless integration




For HP SmartStream Designer customers, HP SmartStream Composer offers the next step of automation, performance, and scalability, including: 





  • Increased productivity for medium to high volumes of personalized or custom print products
  • Easy implementation into your HP Indigo and HP PageWide Web Press workflow
  • Tight integration with HP Indigo presses and SmartStream products
  • PDF and PDF/VT output that is optimized for the HP SmartStream Production Pro Print Server
  • Simplified configuration and job queue windows for fast, easy deployment

HP SmartStream Collage is a RED HOT Technology Vanguard awards winner for 2018.

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