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Established in 2012, with a wealth and valuable business experience within the print feeding/finishing market and the office automation industry, MARKHUNTING’s primary focus is to act as a sales, marketing and technical platform, facilitating and developing manufacturer’s presence in the Europe, Middle-East,  Russia and other countries.

From the heart of Europe, MARKHUNTING manages and works with a professional sales networks of national distributors, printer vendors and local dealers throughout the three continents. MARKHUNTING represents a brand like MIYACOH.


The DC-2 Dry Coater and Foiler provides a quick solution that enhances the value and vibrancy of any toner based digitally printed pieces to give them instantly, a glossy, foily and shany effect.


  • Quick & Easy Solution: This small system will enable common sheets of paper to be turned into vibrant piece of mailer, greetings cards or high quality documents instantly.
  • Coating Heating System: Foil or dry coating is transfered only on toner without using any die and form. It will not be suitable for offset printed sheets.
  • Wide Variety Of Foiling Films: exclusive foil rolls (320 mm width) of gold, silver, blue, red, green, etc.
  • Gloss or Matt Coating: Dry coating will immediately enhance the quality of any toner based printed documents: gloss and matt finish effects.
  • Ideal For Small Volume: No set-up time is required making this solution ideal for short runs.
  • Dry Coating Solution: using transparent resin and applying a thin layer on top of the document. No liquid varnish and extensive cleaning required.
  • No Skilled Operators Needed: Possibility to adjust heat temperature and speed depending on type of work. Hand feeding desktop machine for A5 to A3 size paper.
  • Recycling & Eco Friendliness: Unique system allowing paper recycling (unlike laminated material).


  •  Maximum Speed: up to 10 sheets/min. (A4 LEF)
  •  Paper Size max/min: 297 x 420  / 210 x 148 mm
  •  Max Width: 315 mm 
  •  Max Length: 600 mm
  •  Paper Weight: 110 - 350 gsm
  •  Dimension: 300 x 450 x 270 mm 
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Wide Variety Of Foiling Films: exclusive foil rolls (320 mm width) of gold, silver, blue, red, green, etc.


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