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HP PrintOS is a print production operating system with web and mobile apps connected to your HP presses and printers. Use PrintOS and its powerful applications to get more out of your HP Indigo presses, simplify and automate your print production processes, and collaborate in new ways to grow your business. Access the open, secure, cloud-based PrintOS platform virtually anywhere, anytime to manage jobs from submission to shipment.

Use PrintOS web and mobile apps to continuously improve your operations, inspire your staff, and make better, faster decisions.

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Get more out of your HP Indigo presses

PrintOS Mobile App. Enjoy absolute control over your print operations from virtually anywhere, at anytime, from any device.

Knowledge Zone. Access the latest technical information, and tips and tricks, for continuous learning.

Resource manager. Centrally manage resources of in-shop devices such as DFEs.

Substrate manager. Centrally manage and share all substrate properties. Turn color into a competitive advantage while significantly cutting color calibration effort and costs.


Media locator. Access a database of certified substrates, and download settings directly to your printer.

Print beat. Gain visibility into your press performance and act upon real time and historical data-driven insights to drive continuous improvement in print operations.


Color beat. Increase operational efficiency and make color a competitive advantage. Cut color control time down to minutes per job, ensure color consistency across presses and sites, and track your color performance from anywhere.


PrintOS OEE. Gain insights into press efficiency leveraging Print Beat OEE wasted time calculations and highlighting of main production bottlenecks. Uncover opportunities for improving operations, reducing overtime, and saving labor, while increasing press output by up to 20%.

Service Center. Get a single point of access to all HP service tools and processes.

Simplify and automate production

PrintOS Box. Automatically capture files from various sources, facilitate communication with print buyers, and easily prepare and submit jobs to production.

PrintOS Site Flow. Deliver hundreds or thousands of orders per day easily and cost-effectively with an end-to-end production management solution. Quickly onboard new products and clients, respond to clients’ demanding SLAs, and meet fluctuating volumes seamlessly.

PrintOS Composer. Save time by easily and efficiently composing variable data jobs of any size on the cloud.

PrintOS Imposer. Easily impose jobs for print-ready output. Available as a standalone tool, or as part of PrintOS Box app.

PrintOS Marketplace. Access the PrintOS community platform to monetize ideas, share knowledge, and leverage opportunities for growth, innovation, and production efficiency.

Innovate, collaborate and grow

PrintOS Site Flow. Join the largest global network of Print Service Providers and Converters and connect to brands that use Site Flow to build their print network and manage high-volume personalized campaigns.

PrintOS Marketplace. Access the PrintOS community platform to monetize ideas, share knowledge, and leverage opportunities for growth, innovation, and production efficiency.

Open API. Connect to existing and new systems with simple integration of HP PrintOS apps with third-party products and applications.

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HP PrintOS receives the 2017 InterTech™ Technology Award for Innovative Excellence.

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