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With more than 30 years’ experience, Multigraf AG in Muri / Switzerland is a reliable partner for ambitious, quality-conscious printing companies and represents a future-proof decision for all users. Decades of tradition ensure the highest quality in paper processing. A range of first-class products combines maximum flexibility with maximum modularity.

The TOUCHLINE generation by Multigraf offers more flexibility and automation than any other product in its class.

TOUCHLINE stands for efficient, automated processes for creasing, folding, perforating and cutting – ALL IN ONE OPERATION!


Multigraf AG is going to revolute the print finish sector. No more time-consuming in cutting on a guillotine. Multigraf automates the cutting.

The new Multifinisher Touchline CPC375 XPRO sets a new benchmark in the industry. Imagine that you only have two machines in your company: a powerful printing system and an equally powerful multifinisher...and you use them to produce the majority of the work that has to be done in a printing company. This is now possible.

The new Multifinisher from Multigraf AG, manufactured in Muri AG (Swiss Made), offers exactly that. Up and down creasing, perforating cross-ways and lengthways, cutting and slitting and folding (also 2- or 3-up). All this applications in only one operation and at high speed. The set-up times are extremely short and the tools are changed within seconds. New jobs are automatically recognized by the barcode scanner. The production of a 6- or 8-page brochure only takes a few seconds, with no manual intermediate steps. Making business cards becomes a big pleasure.

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The Multifinisher CPC375 is an extension of the Touchline family. The CPC375 is a powerful cutting, creasing and perforating system capable of cutting an creasing paper weights of 80 to 400 gsm and of perforating material thicknesses of up to 300 gsm.

Lengthways and crossways cutting, professional crossways creasing (positive and negative) and perforation (time perforation or continuous) in a lengthways or crossways direction – the principal functions of the Touchline CPC375. A patented changeover unit allows for quick and easy tool changes without the need for auxiliary tools. Tools are detected electronically, the working depth is selected on the touch screen and the system then adjusts fully automatically. With 180 mm standard feeder or 650 mm high pile feeder available.

The CPC375 with pile feeder is equipped with a vacuum conveyor onto which sheets can be fed from a feeder or a press. The maximum sheet size is 370 x 850 mm.

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Touchline CP375 DUO

An efficient creasing and perforating solution, ideal for mid to high volume runs. CP375 DUO enables perforating (standard and stop perforation, longitudinally / crosswise) and professional creasing. Positive and negative creasing is also possible.

The Touchline CP375 DUO is capable of performing up to 20 creases and 20 perforations simultaneously in a single run. Stop perforation in both directions is one of the key features of the TOUCHLINE CP375 DUO.

Tool changing is a formality thanks to the patented, fully - automatic changing device. The inserted tools are detected electronically and the required pressure is automatically adjusted.

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CP375 DUO & TF375 - up to 4 applications in one pass!

Combined with the folding machine TOUCHLINE TF375 (without creasing), the CP375 DUO can produce even more complex jobs easily and in a single pass with stop perforation in both directions, delivering creasing and folding that is both impressive and efficient.


CP375 DUO & TCF375 – up to 5 applications in one pass!

CP375 DUO in conjunction with the online creasing and folding machine Touchline TCF375, the CP375 DUO will be able to produce even more complex jobs online; stop perforation in both directions, creasing and folding all in one operation.


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NEW SOLUTION - Creasing, Perforating and Punching Machine AirSpeed 450 with Folding Unit TriFold 360

Cyklos is traditional Czech company with 90 years of experience. At present, company offers wide range of creasing, perforation, folding, cutting and punching machines.

Systematically Cyklos does its best to improve manufacturing processes so they can meet ISO 9001 quality standards. Cyklos is proud to say we have been ISO-certified company for more than a decade now.


AIRSPEED 450 suction feed creasing, perforating and punching machine. Its unique air feed system enables processing of all types of paper within 80 – 400 gsm tolerance. Accuracy, feeding reliability, versatility of use, optional rotary perforating and cutting tools, and higher speed and input capacity - are all main factors of this model.

Features and advantages:

  • original AIR feeding with speed up to 3000 A4 sheets/A4
  • large work table and working width suitable for A2 paper formats
  • 7'' touch screen display for easy setting of distance and number of creases
  • easily exchangeable creasing, perforating and punching tools
  • rotary perforating and slitting tools
  • kiss-cutting
  • cross-perforation in 1 pass
  • possibility of programme storage
  • two widths of fine creasing channels
  • high-quality anvil perforation
  • optional wire punching tool
  • optional calendar punching tool
  • optional Euro Punch tool
  • optional partial perforating tool
  • optional cutting tool
  • optional microperforating tool
  • mobile table for easy manipulation
  • batching

Technical specification AIRSPEED 450:

  • Working width: 115-457 mm
  • Paper quality: 80-400 gsm (creasing, punching), 80-250 gsm (perforating)
  • Min./Max. distance between creases: 1 / 999 mm
  • Number of programms: 60
  • Input capacity: 70 mm
  • Producation: 3.000 sheet A4/h (1 crease per sheet), 4.300 sheet A4/ h (0 crease per sheet)
  • Min./Max. number of creases per sheet: 0 / 40
  • Content of packing: 2 x creasing tool, 1 x perforating tool, 1 x rotary perforating kit, 1 x cutting wheel, mobile table
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Folding unit TriFold 360

Folding unit TriFold 360 is designed primarily for folding of pre-creased material up to 350 gsm. It is ideal to combine the unit with Cyklos creaser AirSpeed 450, however it might be used also with competing creasers by other brands. TriFold 360 enables to create 5 fold types including the most common 1/2, C or Z. The fold is being achieved by combination of manually adjustable fold plates and high-diameter rubber rollers. This simple and inexpensive but revolutionary solution allowed us to create one of the most demanded product in the world of low-production digital press.

Technical specification TriFold 360:

  • Paper quality: 80-350 gsm
  • Paper format: SRA3, A3, A4. A5, a typical formats
  • Producation: up to 6.000 sheet/h, depends on speed of creaser
  • Lenght of fold plates: X = 460 mm / Y = 320 mm
  • Content of packing: deflectos plate for 1/2 fold, fold plate Y for higher grammage, mobile table
  • flogo
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