Case making equipment

Case Making

CMC ITALIA offers a new and complete range of machines dedicated to book production.

Designed for short and medium runs, they are ideal for the "book-on-demand" and digital print finishing processes, for short-run bookbindery and for lay-flat photo-books.

Case Spine Rounding


ROUNDING MACHINE Rounding machine for bookblocks

  • Rotating jaws
  • Spring-loaded lower frame
  • Motorized thickness adjustment
  • Both jaws are ne-striped, to improve the gripping on the book back
  • Robust and reliable

Technical specification

  • Model: Q-Round
  • Width cm: 50
  • Thikness mm: 10-130
  • Power Kw: 2.20
  • Weight kg: 255
  • Dimensions cm: 75x65x112
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Corner Rounding

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