Three-knife trimmer

Eureka Machinery was founded in 2007 by two eminent manufactures: Zhejiang Guowang Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., a specialist guillotine producer and Zhejiang Jinbao Screen Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., a leading producer in the field of screen press. Machinery of eureka are refined to higher step in an integral concept of budget, pilot, trust. 

Eureka will professionally find machinery you’re looking for.

On the basis of market requirement and target to rise product quality and safety level, Guowang invest huge amount of capital and technical power for TUV CE certificate which is the most authorized CE certificate. At the beginning of 2008, Guowang is honored as one of few guillotine manufactures in China with TUV CE.

Eureka Three-knife trimmer S28D

The S28D does not require any time-consuming setting up in the cutting table and clamping block areas. The user enters values for formats and other production-related parameters via a touch screen. Its compact design, ease of use, excellent accessibility, and high productivity and efficiency levels make the S28D ideal for print shops and bookbinders that process short to medium runs.

Technical specification:

  • Max. trimmed product size, mm: 420 x 300
  • Min. trimmed product size, mm: 80 x 80
  • Max. cutting height, mm: 100
  • The min. height books, mm: 8
  • The min. single book thickness, mm: 5
  • The max. cutting speed, times/min: 28
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