Saddle stitching Equipment

Why Hohner? 

“Perfection in Postpress“ by Hohner Stitching Products stands for competence in the manufacturing of machinery for the saddle stitching and post press finishing segments of the Printing Industry. Hohner wire stitching machines, fully automated saddle stitching or stitching head systems, offer customers complete solutions for brochure, booklet or magazine production.

Economy 25/40 - The Knocker

Single head wire stitching machine - perfect solution for standard and loop stitching of pads and brochures. Easily adjustable table from saddle for brochures, to flat for pads.

Technical specification:

  • Maximum stitching speed: 203 staples per minute
  • Maximum stitching thickness: 25 mm for standard stitching
  • Table size: 700 x 240 mm
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Exact - The flexible mini

Multi head standard and loop wire stitching machine for mixed applications. Perfectly suitable for small production runs, sample stitching or off-line applications. Easily convertible stitching table from pad stitching (flat) to brochures (saddle)..

Technical specification:

  • Stitching heads: Universal 52/8S (possible to fit up to four heads)
  • Maximum stitching thickness: 8 mm for standard stitching
  • Maximum stitching per head: 206 staples per minute
  • Table size: 550 x 280 mm
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Exact Plus - The semi-automatic

Stitching machine with handfeeding stations suitable for standard stitching and loop stitching or mixed applications. The difference between this machine and conventional saddle binders is the ability to gather and stitch unusual formats or paper weights. Fast conversion to “staggered stitch” production.

Technical specification:

  • Subsequent extension: of up to 6 stations
  • Highest efficiency: with up to 4000 cycles per hour
  • Stitching heads: up to 4 Universal 43/6 narrow stitching heads
  • Brochure format (spine x head/tail): 100 x 80 mm to 430 x 340 mm
  • Maximum stitching thickness: 6 mm for standard stitching
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Easy Stitcher - Quality is not a question of size

Easy Stitcher – a must for all small print shops and packaging operations where space and budget are considerations. No matter whether saddle stitching booklets, flat stitching manuals, wire sealing paper or plastic bags in packaging operations, attaching labels and tags or assembling proofs – Easy Stitcher makes it possible and economical.

Technical specification:

  • Wire size: 24~26 or 26~28
  • Table size: 550 x 120 mm
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World-class design with cost performance (= ROI) and Compactness (= Space saving)

Automatic Saddle stitching machine line

Applying variety range of products, such as, small books like A6, A5, A4 Magazine size and larger format like B4 news paper inserts/flyers. OSAKO don’t compromise its quality despite such a compact model. We pay attention to overall investment effect, with a balance of cost effect and space saving. This is the basic standard model with reasonable pricing.

Technical specification:

  • Max.mechanical speed: 9000 cycle / h
  • Max/min signature before trimming: 380 х 275 mm / 100 х 95 mm
  • Max/min signature after trimming: 364 х 257 mm / 148 х 85 mm
  • Max.cover size: 380 х 257 mm
  • Max.number of stations: 6 + cover
  • Max. thickness of stitched signature: 7 mm
  • Max. thickness of signature for trimming: 12 mm
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