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Hohner’s stitching head technology is a world leader in quality and reliability. Innovative solutions such as loop stitching heads, digital stitching head systems or just simply our narrow stitching heads, come in a variety of products for use worldwide. With our products we make an important contribution to the optimum value for our customers, and thus also for their customers.

CLASSICBIND™ - DDD quality stitching wire makes the difference

Since 1918, Dorstener Drahtwerke has manufactured top-class drawn wire, wire cloths and welded mesh. They use their long-standing tradition and experience in the production of wire to develop niche products of high quality for the target markets. DDD produces for the automotive industry, the chemical industry, the graphical industry and the aerospace industry.

We are well aware of the special requirements of the clients´ high-performance machines in the graphic industry. 
That is why DDD aims for continuous quality improvement of their products and processes in order to offer the best solution to the customers permanently.


CLASSICBIND™ is one of DDD key products that has been evolved and improved continuously in order to run trouble free in any stitching machine:

  • high quality of finish 
    --- smooth, consistent, shiny surface
    --- uniform coating
    --- resistant to corrosion, peeling and flaking
    --- free of impurities and burr
  • consistent diameter and tensile strength
  • straight, tangle-free wire take-off and inlet
  • superior workability in bending and forming applications

Combining all these attributes, CLASSICBIND™ ensures optimal performance of your stitching head. Blade-protective and frictionless processing avoids premature wear out and allows for reduced energy and maintenance costs. The result: perfectly formed stitches produced in the most efficient way.

Available surfaces - bright, galvanized, tinned, copper coated

CLASSICBIND™ is available as round and flat wire.

  • Round Wire - DDD range includes round stitching wires from 0.35 mm (No. 30) to 1.60 mm (No. 16). 
  • Flat Wire - DDD produces flat wires in sizes from 0.65 x 0.25 mm (No. 0 / 26) to 1.27 x 1.04 mm (No. VIII / 18).
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