CTP Developer and Blanket Wash Waste Processing Machine



✓ Processes both CTP developer and blanket wash into clean water and solid (gel) residue (in a plastic bag) for easy disposal

✓ Includes oil-water separator

The flat press die - cutter is mainly applied to cut the alcohol marks, samples, paper boxes and cases of various materials like paper and paperboard and leather.This cutter is compact in construction and made precisely, featuring in larger cutting force, higher precision, easy operation, reliability and security in operation.

Work Specification

  • Waste processing: 6 - 8  L/h
  • Waste tank capacity: 80 L
  • Recovery rate: Up to 90%
  • Power Consumption (220V): 4.2 kW
  • Time required to distill 80L of waste, incl. heating and cooling: 12 - 15 h
  • Defoamer agent consumption, per 80L of waste: 0,24 L
  • Qty of high-temperature of plastic bags: 1 per 80L of waste


Techical Specification

  • Plate Frame Size: 800 x 560 mm
  • Work Speed: 27 ± 2 pcs/min
  • Motor Power:  2.2 kW
  • Cutting Speed: < 15 m
  • Adjustment of Flat Distance: 27 ± 5 mm
  • Overall Dimension: 1770 x 1620 x 1490 mm
  • Weight: 2500 kg


Features of main construction

  • The machine body is made of quality cast, featuring in higher strength and sound rigidity
  • Its slide bearing is made of quality cooper alloy, featuring in strong load and durability
  • The single chic electromagnetic clutch is sensitive and reliable in action. It can be changed into pneumatic clutch at the request of the client
  • Its operation height is in good position
  • Its pressing support can open in a larger angle
  • The electric system is properly designed, featuring in higher security ratio
  • It can continually cut by pressing, cut single piece by pressing, cut by pressing in lagging. The lagging time can be adjusted at random
  • Its safe protector is reliably designed
  • The hand pump can centrally supply oil and can be changed into an automatic one
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