Safety First

Dear Partners,

We want to inform you that Starlett will continue to work and fulfil its obligations against our customers and partners as usual. We do not anticipate any disruptions in availability of goods and service to our customers. During the years we established strong local teams in all three Baltic countries with its own warehouse and service team and remote support specialist availability from Riga. We will continue to plan our warehouse inventory in each country to ensure we are ready for all orders.

We suggest our customers to plan their orders as usual. We will make sure they are delivered in time.

Nothing is more important to Starlett than the health of our employees and our customers and their families and we will monitor the situation very closely and will follow the guidance of official local and global health experts. We will inform you immediately about some changes.

Let's go trough these hard times together and take care about our and our families health. 


Your STARLETT team

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