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MB Bäuerle

For more than 60 years, MB Bäuerle GmbH has concentrated on developing and manufacturing machines for post-press paper handling. Today the main focus is placed on automated folding and inserting systems. The outstanding characteristics of innovations from MB Bäuerle are the above-average operator convenience and the flexible applications. All new product developments have the following qualitites in commom: simple operation, short set-up times, less waste and modular design.

Fully Automatic Folding Machines

 Simple operation, very short set-up times and optimal results through fully automatic setting from feeder to delivery.

Automated Folding Machines

Simple operation, high productivity and a minimum of waste through the integrated computer-control.

Multimaster CAS is fast, simple, intelligent and variable. All standard folds are programmed, other folds are freely programmable. 

The system memorizes 60 individual fold jobs, which is especially useful for repetitive work.

Folding systems for small formats

Advanced technology, variability, ease of operation. Its variability makes it possible to use the multipli 35 for simple parallel folds as well as for professional crossfolds. 

Operation is simple. There is no need to set the fold rollers. Polyurethane-foam rollers make fold roller settings unnecessary. Available as table-top model or mobile folder.

Folding Machines for Pharmaceutical Inserts

Folding pharmaceutical inserts better: user-friendly operation, reliable reproducibility, high productivity.

 The rationalization movement has now also reached the packaging process. The leafletFOLDER NET 21 makes the proven, superior technology of the MB Bauerle folding systems also applicable for cartoning machines, as this leaflet folder has been specifically designed for integration into such systems. Fields of application: Can be integrated into packaging and cartoning machines (online machine) or offline machine for pharmaceutical folds.

The leafletFOLDER 21, which is driven by means of low-noise, almost maintenance-free flat belts, combines innovative technology with maximum efficiency. The swivel-mounted feed table offers excellent accessibility. The leaflet transport module is extendable and easily removable. The large read area allows the integration of all code reading systems as well as reading from top to bottom. The manual fold unit with four fold plates is easy to handle. As fold plate and dummy plate form a single unit, there is no need to insert additional deflectors. Even multilayer, pre-folded inserts can be processed reliably with the folder.

GUK Falzmaschinen

GUK-Falzmaschinen folding machines are complex high capacity folding machines which GUK develops and produces themselves. Constructors and technicians lay down the base for perfect function and for highest quality.


Pocket Folding Machines

Combined Automatic Folding Machines

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