Refurbishing of folding rollers

With 4-year folding roller refurbishing experience STARLETT offers to refurbish folding rollers for Horizon and Stahl paper folders, using the same original Soft-PU rings as the paper folder manufacturers.

Available services:

1) Folding roller Exchange service: fully reconditioned exchange rollers* are available for shipment to you on the same day when we receive payment, to be installed immediately on your folding equipment reducing the downtime after which you then return your folding rollers to us.
*please contact us to check availability and for more details

2) Folding roller Refurbishing service: your folding rollers will be refurbished, this involves replacing and grinding the Soft-PU Polyurethane rings, within 5 working days and then returned back to you.

Benefits of the Soft-PU:

  • Perfect grip on the paper 
  • Higher traction 
  • No marks on sensitive papers
  • Outstanding folding accuracy 
  • Fold sheets guided in an exact straight line
  • Less static charge

Available also renovation of folding rollers for folding machines Stahl, GUK with Hard PU layer.

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