Technical Maintenance


starlett technical maintenance repairs

STARLETT offers technical maintenance and repair for:
• Printing machines
• Finishing equipment
• CTP systems
• Services of electrician


Prices for time-consuming repairs and equipment relocations are agreed separately.

STARLETT service working time: 9:00 - 18:00 (Mon-Fri)

To book STARLETT engineer visit:
Please call: (+371) 67 531 070 or

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Services for pre-press equipment


• Consultations on Xingraphics thermal printing plates,
• Available spare parts for Screen, Agfa, Fuji thermal CTP systems;
• Laser diodes, tile clamps and other spare parts for Heidelberg Topsetter CTP models (up to year 2006),
• Spare parts for plate processors – Glunz&Jensen, Heights, Ovit, Lastra, etc.,
• Renovation of plate processor rollers,
• Lamps for copy frames – Theimer and other models,
• Calibration of plate processors.

Services for printing presses


• Transfer cylinder jackets (metal and plastic) – Blueglass, SuperBlue Nets,
• Testing, renovation, exchange and adjustment of rubber, rilsan and chrome rollers for Komori, Heidelberg, Ryobi, ManRoland presses,
• Service of dampening roller systems and IR dryers – Technotrans, Grafix, Baldwin IVT,
• Lamps for UV and IR dryers,
• Filters – Technotrans water solution system filters, oil filters, air filters,
• Spare parts for coating sections and their pumps – Harris&Bruno, Tresu, Technotrans,
• New Apex anilox rollers and their renovation,
• Wash-up blades for printing presses,
• On-site cylinder repair for presses,
• Calibration of CIP3 ink profiles for Komori presses,
• Densitometers, spectrophotometers and automatic ink measuring systems – X-rite, Techkon,
• Pantone scales,
• Inspection of technical condition and maintenance of printing presses (Komori, Heidelberg, Ryobi, ManRoland),
• Evaluation of printing presses before sales or purchase,
• Dismantling, assembly, relocation of printing presses (Komori, Heidelberg, Ryobi, ManRoland).

Services for post-press equipment


• Services for post-press equipment:
• Spare parts for post-press equipment,
• Renovation of folding rollers for folding machines Horizon, Stahl, GUK with Soft PU rings or Hard PU layer,
• New folding rollers for Stahl, GUK folders,
• Perforation knives for folding machines - Horizon, Stahl, GUK, MBO,
• New German quality cutting knives for guillotines from Hagedorn/Kanefusa,
• Grinding of paper cutting knives,
• Maintenance of paper cutting machines – Perfecta, Schneider Senator, Wohlenberg.