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With 2-year folding roller refurbishing experience STARLETT offers to refurbish folding rollers for Horizon and Stahl paper folders, using the same original Soft-PU rings as the paper folder manufacturers.


1) Folding roller Exchange service:
fully reconditioned exchange rollers* are available for shipment to you on the same day when we receive payment, to be installed immediately on your folding equipment reducing the downtime after which you then return your folding rollers to us.
* please contact us to check availability and for more details

2) Folding roller Refurbishing service:
your folding rollers will be refurbished, this involves replacing and grinding the Soft-PU Polyurethane rings, within 5 working days and then returned back to you.

Benefits of the Soft-PU:
• Perfect grip on the paper
• Higher traction
• No marks on sensitive papers
• Outstanding folding accuracy
• Fold sheets guided in an exact straight line
• Less static charge

Available also renovation of folding rollers for folding machines Stahl, GUK with Hard PU layer.



StarLett offers refurbishing also for CTP plate processor rubber rollers and for laminating rubber rollers.

We refurbish plate processor rollers for Glunz&Jensen, Ovit, Lastra processor models. For Glunz&Jensen processors we also have exchange rollers in stock, so that your processor would not have a downtime.

We refurbish and regrind rubber rollers for laminating machines. It is possible to order also new laminating roller according to given technical drawing.


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HADRONICS Chrome Cylinders


Hadronics is the source for high performance chrome cylinders. Whether you need new chrome cylinders or service to fix worn or damaged cylinders, the Starlett Company can help you.

The performance of Hadronics chrome cylinders is unsurpassed, delivering significant time and money savings in press applications and other industrial processes. Chrome cylinder benefits include:

  • • Tremendous wear resistance
  • • Low Coefficient of Friction
  • • High resistance to corrosion, (passes the modified 320mill-B test)
  • • Ability to control and offer engineered finishes

If your chrome cylinders have been compromised through wear or damage, our chrome processes can rapidly repair and actually improve your cylinders to meet or exceed original equipment specifications. Providing a faster, less-expensive alternative to replacement, Hadronics will have your chrome cylinders back in action faster, reducing downtime. Our exchange process allows you to eliminate downtime completely. Many popular cylinders are offered on an exchange basis or fast-tracked service.

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Hadronics is your source for affordable, high performance print rollers, including copper rollers. Hadronics copper rollers offer the advantage of excellent performance, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

 Hadronics copper rollers, with their smooth, tight copper grain structure, put up a hard front to abrasive wear in ink systems. Copper roller advantages include:

  • • High hardness rating of 200+ Vickers vs. soft, porous copper means longer wear life.
  • • Tight composition of grain structure minimizes corrosion attack frequently found in other copper roll materials.
  • • Oleophilic surface has natural affinity for ink, which reduces stripping and ghosting.
  • • Superior structure and thickness offer longevity and lower operating costs.
  • • Fine surface finish results in less friction, minimal generation of heat. (And because it dissipates heat rather than insulates like Hard rubber or nylon, it allows your rollers to cool quicker for more even distribution of ink, longer life expectancy and creates a larger operational window.)
  • • Unlike nylon and hard rubber, minor corrections to abrasions can be made to copper rollers while on the press.

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