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Foldnak Bookletmakers - variety is Hohner strength


Why Hohner?
“Perfection in Postpress“ by Hohner Stitching Products stands for competence in the manufacturing of machinery for the saddle stitching and post press finishing segments of the Printing Industry. Hohner wire stitching machines, fully automated saddle stitching or stitching head systems, offer customers complete solutions for brochure, booklet or magazine production.


Foldnak Compact - The compact professional with integrated trimmer

Bookletmaker and Trimmer – all in one!

It is particularly suited for small, medium and frequently changing running lengths in digital or offset printing who need greater speed and flexibility in booklet production in addition to their online finishing equipment. The Foldnak Compact is unbeaten in quality.
The Foldnak Compact is combining the functions of bookletmaking and trimming in a cleverly condensed unit with a wide range of formats and a very short set-up time.

Technical specification  
Paper format (of booklet) min / max, mm: 105x210 / 325x450
Speed max. (booklets / hour): up to 2000 pcs
Thickness of booklets max.: 25 sheets (80gsm)
Max.trimming, mm: 12


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Foldnak Compact Line - Precision all the way down the line

All four modules work in line for high-quality bookletmaking. The Foldnak  Compact Line for premium bookletmaking is particularly suited for digital or offset printing agencies and everybody who wants to produce high-quality booklets in frequently changing print runs.

The Robo-Feeder reliably processes the print products via a Collecting Bridge to the Foldnak Compact for stapling, folding and trimming. The SP 100 Compact presses the booklet spine into a square shape, which gives the stapled booklet the appearance of a bound product.



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Robo-Feeder - Ideal for digital

Postpress operation of digital printing!

The Hohner Robo-Feeder reduces the cost and man-power involved in bookletmaking: Due to its short set-up times, this special feeder is particularly suited for small, medium, and frequently changing run lengths in digital printing. Its versatility enables digital print shops to process even highly specialized jobs at a profit. The Robo-Feeder works faster than a digital printing press and can therefore feed print output from multiple presses. It works with all printers and digital presses and will not become outdated when other machinery does. A sorter at the printer is unnecessary, since the Robo-Feeder automatically separates the stacked sheets into sets.

Technical specification  
Number of bins:    2
Feeding speed: up to 10000 sheets/h
Bins capacity, mm: 130 (upper bin) / 65 (lower bin)
Recommended paper weight, min/max: 45 – 250 gsm
Sheet size, max/min, mm: 364 x 520 / 105 x 160


Linking the Robo-Feeder to the Foldnak Compact will create a production line in which booklets are collated, stapled, folded, square-pressed and then pressed and trimmed.

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2S Trimmer - For the perfect look

Head and foot trim!

The 2S Trimmer extends the Hohner product portfolio and is the ideal solution for 3-side trimming of brochures when combining the Trimmer. The Hohner 2S Trimmer works inline to create a complete full-bleed booklet making system that is perfect for a wide range of on-demand applications. Brochures, manuals, reports, policy documents and many more can be quickly finished in one streamlined operation without the need for additional handling or finishing. And can also be used as a stand-alone module for already front-trimmed booklets.

Technical specification  
Booklet height, min/max, mm: 204 / 340 with shingle delivery
Capacity: up to 25 sheets
(20 LB Bond / 80gsm, 100page booklet)
Paper weight, gsm: 16 LB Bond < > 115LB
Bond / 60 < > 300 gsm


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SP100 Compact - Roll your way to greater profits ...

Added value with spine finishing!

The square pressing module forms the spine of the stapled booklet to give it a look of a high-quality perfect bind. The spine can be printed on and the booklets no longer spring open, therefore making storage and packing much easier.

Technical specification  
Booklet height, min/max, mm: 70x105 / 350x325
Max. sheets of booklets: 30 (80gsm)
Speed (booklets/h),
single pass / double pass:
3000 / 2500


The SP 100 Compact can be combined with the Foldnak Compact and the Foldnak Compact Line.

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