Adhesive appliances

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For over 20 years now, SM Klebetechnik GmbH has been making a name for itself around the globe as a specialist developer and manufacturer of custom and standard adhesive application equipment.
Their machines are being successfully used for hot melt dispensing and coating in a wide range of industries, including the print industry, automotive, mechanical engineering and adhesive tape manufacturing sector, as well as in the construction, wood and textile industries. Our certified, owner-managed company employs 40 employees dedicated to the customers.

Melting equipment

Our melting units with tank capacities of up to 80 liters, as well as the SM Klebetechnik bag melters for melting cartridges or sticks, are available in various sizes and configurations and can be combined with a variety of other devices.


Bag melters for dispensing PUR (polyurethane)

Our bag melters are designed to gently heat PUR and can handle everything from 300g cartridges to 20kg blocks. Our units operate continuously and without the need for nitrogen blanketing.


Book binding systems

Our products perform precision spine and side gluing, and in combination with our book binding applicator heads, guarantee top binding quality.


Q-Jet 265

The PUR adhesives for spine gluing is gently melted in a bag press and fed through the heated hose nozzle. The attached to the nozzle gear pump delivers the exact of the programmable logic controller (PLC) calculated amount of adhesive. The start and end point of adhesive application for spine gluing, and the start and end points for the side gluing to the nozzle is calculated from a distance control with millimeter precision. Both side glue heads can work with other adhesive (hot-melt adhesive), since the two systems are separated.

Technical specification 
Heating: Electric
Heating capacity: 2 KW per 100 mm
Application temperature: 80 - 200 ° C
Order Quantity: 10 - 200 g / m²
Rate: 1 - 100 m / min
Temperature range: 50 - 200 ° C
Pressure range: max. 160 bar
Coating thickness: 0.1 - 0.5 mm
Adjustment nozzle: 0 - 65 mm
Switching speed: up to 16,000 books / h


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Q-Jet 250

The QJet system consists of melting equipment for spine glue and side glue with PLC and gateway control - tube - adjustable nozzle for back - and side gluing.
Due to the unique system having a volume-promoting gear pump to the nozzle can be applied to the spine of exactly the desired amount of PUR adhesive. The reflow system "melt by demand" it protects the adhesive, since only the demand is melted. The entire nozzle system is separated for back (PUR) and side gluing (EVA) adjustable. The QJet system is controlled by a PLC.

Technical specification 
Heating: Electric
Temperature sensor:
2 KW per 100 mm
Temperature range: 50 - 200 ° C
Pressure range: max. 160 bar
Coating thickness: 0.2 - 2.0 mm
Adjustment nozzle: 0 - 65 mm
Performance example:
melting capacity 4 Kg at 0.5mm, sizing / book sufficient for:
- 6.666 books / h with 4mm book thickness
- 1.332 books / h with 20mm book thickness
- 532 books / h with 50mm book thickness


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