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Latvijai 100!
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Onglematic by JBI

Dear customers,

With more than 100 years of experience, James Burn International is a world-renowned manufacturer and trend setter for punching & wire binding solutions.
We are pleased and proud to inform that JBI has officially taken over the production and the worldwide distribution of the Onglematic range of tab & index cutting equipment.
Models O3, O5 & O7 with 3 standard tab shapes (15° angle, 90° angle & round corner) is added as the Onglematic range to existing JBI product portfolio.

Please see attached information about new range of Onglematic by JBI. Upon your interest we will be glad to give you more detailed information.

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Automatic end-sheet gluing machine PRONTO

Dear customers,

Please see attached information on an automatic end-sheet gluing machine PRONTO from our Italian partner PRONTOTEC. This machine is designed for combining folded endpapers with a pre-glued lining material. The resulting product can be used as a cover in your existing perfect binding machine, thus obtaining a book block ready for hard cover casing-in.

Upon your interest we will be glad to give you more detailed information and commercial offer.

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Demo days!

26.09-27.09.2018. StarLett organized Demo days, where clients could see several machines and how they work. The event attracted many people and the biggest interest was about APR Solutions, lamination possibilities and also manual foil coater.

Demo days are an excellent way to learn directly about many post-press equipment, therefore understanding if any of them is necessary for the evolvement of your business. Many solutions might not have been actual before, but seeing them in action can bring new ideas for further development of the offered options.

Demo days offered to see different equipment from such companies as- HP Indigo, Eureka, D&K, APR Solutions, Multigraf, Lanxi Jingda. Also we showed several small table-top machines:

Markhunting DC-2 FoilCoater for SRA3 size foiling and spot/full coating;
Cyklos Airspeed 450 for creasing and perforating;
Printellect Boxbinder RE-1404LB for cutting, perforating and gluing straight-line boxes;
JamesBurn Tri-O 34 for wire-o punching & binding;
Graphtec F-Mark for die-cutting cardboard and kiss-cutting labels.

Meet us on next Demo Days!




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