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Spine glue

Jowatherm HotMelt 271.00/271.20.

Superior performance EVA hot melts, spine glue for perfect binding of magazines, catalogues and paperbaks.

Jowatherm HotMelt 276.00/276.10

For thermobenders. Manufacturing of magazines, catalogs and pocket books. Open time is average.

Jowatherm HotMelt 883.10

Standart EVA hot melt, spine glue for booking.

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Jowatherm PUR 600.37

Jowatherm PUR 600.37 for gluing the back of a book, a binding.

Reactive polyurethane adhesive melt with good initial strength. Curing reaction for several days, depending on the humidity of the air and the parts. The raw materials used are approved for the packaging of food products in accordance with FDA regulations 175.105. It is applied with the help of special equipment from waterproof containers.

Jowatherm PUR 600.39

Jowatherm PUR 600.39 hot melt adhesive - for bonding book spines / perfect binding.
Polyurethane hot melt adhesive, not subject to labeling requirements under the General Classification Guideline for Preparations (EC).

Crosslinking within a few days, depending on the humidity of the ambient air and on the substrate moisture. Processing with special equipment from moisture-proof sealed containers.

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Planatol Glues


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Planamelt R

Planamelt is a new hotmelt technology, especially developed for the requirements of the graphic arts industry – and therefore the rst choice for adhesive bindings and side gluing of any print products. Easy and simple processing and high quality in adhesive bindings speak for themselves.  Excellent running characteristics on hotmelt equipment. Very good lay at characteristics. Constant viscosity. Better working conditions due to less odour. Outstanding stability of adhesive bindings. Unlabeled. Advanced resistance to oil. 


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Jowat Polyurethane PUR Purging and Cleaning Material - 930.94

The Jowat 930.94 is a cleaning and purging agent to be used after running polyurethane PUR hot melt. This purging material comes in 10 ounce cartridges, bulk granules and Holz-Her slugs.

Jowat PUR Cleaner 930.94 Features

  • • For PUR cleaning, purging and removal
  • • Available in 10 Ounce, Bulk and Holz-Her

Jowat PUR Cleaner 930.94 Specifications

• Density: 7.89 LBS / Gallon

•  Softening Range: 176 F

•  Color: Red/Orange


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HENKEL Melt-O-Clean®

HENKEL Melt-O-Clean® for cleaning of cold application equipment. 
Melt-O-Clean®, which is based on renewable raw materials, has proven effective in removing soiling that is persistent and difficult to remove, e.g. non-crosslinked or tacky adhesive residues. The spray head permits uniform wetting of the soiled parts and also prevents overdosing. Melt-O-Clean® achieves excellent results at room temperature. After a relatively short action time simply wipe off Melt-O-Clean® with a commercially available cloth or nonwoven fabric. Melt-O-Clean® removes virtually all adhesive residues.

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HENKEL MicroEmission® Cleaner

HENKEL MicroEmission® Cleaner removes adhesive residues from soiled glue pots, pumps, pipes, hoses, applicator nozzles and all other application equipment. Even cracked and charred adhesive residues can be removed.
Before applying MicroEmission® Cleaner, all adhesive residues should be drained and removed from the glue pots, hoses and other application equipment in need of cleaning. The temperature inside the equipment should be reduced to below 150°C to avoid any chemical reactions. All soiled parts should be covered with MicroEmission® Cleaner. After soaking for a maximum of 8 hours (depending on the degree of soiling), flush all the application equipment several times. The systematic and regular application of MicroEmission® Cleaner maintains your production facility in smooth and cost-effective operation.

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HENKEL PURmelt®-O-Lub is a synthetic oil-based high-performance lubricant especially designed for the requirements of PURmelt® processing.
The stamp of the bulk melting unit can be greased with PURmelt®-O-Lub to ensure trouble-free operation. Greasing will also prevent other moving parts at the edge of the melting pot or the machine from sticking and from accelerated crosslinking with PURmelt®. PURmelt®-O-Lub can also be used for sealing the heated hoses. PURmelt®-O-Lub is a light beige, odorless grease. Its pasty texture simplifies handling and its stability at temperatures from -45°C to 180°C is adapted to our adhesives. The chemical properties of PURmelt®-O-Lub are such that PURmelt® is in no way damaged through contact. It is non-corrosive and thus compatible with all glue pot parts and other metal parts in the immediate surroundings.


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MENICHETTI Meniglue F118L gluten based adhesive for production of card boxes and their lamination. Suitable for manual and automatic production.
Available in 20 kg packaging.

MENICHETTI manufactured glues are formulated ready to use animal glues for bookbinding laminating and box-covering. Providing high tack and speed of bond, flexibility of the film, non-warp characteristics, good adhesion on difficult materials, and machine clean-running.

Application areas

Luxury packaging: presentation packaging, boxes and cases (for gift, jewelry, cutlery, silver and glassware, leather and luxury shoes, cosmetics, wine and spirits). Displays, fancy sweet-boxes, board-games, book-cases paper industry.

Bookbinding: photo albums, diaries, book-covers, files, calendars, poster, displays binders, sample books, paper-over-board items.

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Jowat Jowacoll 148.60 Primer for HPL Water Based Adhesive

Jowat Jowacoll 148.60 is a water based PVA adhesive that serves a couple of different purposes. It is often used as a primer for HPL substrates that will be bonded with Jowatherm EVA hot melts. 148.60 is also used for laminating vinyl films, both standard and reverse printed, as well as laminating non-impregnated paper foils to wood substrates.

How to Apply 148.60

  • When using Jowacoll 148.60 as an HPL primer for edgebanding, the adhesive should be mixed with a 1:1 water to adhesive ratio. Brush on the mixture with an even coating and let fully dry before applying your Jowatherm EVA hot melt. 

  • Jowacoll 148.60 Features

•  Low to medium viscosity

•  Excellent adhesion

•  Designed for priming HPL edgebanding substrates

Jowacol 148.60 Specifications

• Viscosity: 2000 (Brookfield)

• Density: 8.7 lbs/Gal

• Solids: 70%

• pH Value: 4-5

• Color: Clear/Translucent

Glue available on request!

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Jowat Jowacoll 103.40 HPL Laminating Water Based Adhesive

Jowat Jowacol 103.40 (10340) is a water based PVAc adhesive that has a number of uses including general assembly, laminating HPL and cold press applications. 103.40 has is a low viscosity cold glue with a medium to fast open time allowing it to penetrate wood substrates well.

Jowacoll 103.40 Features

  • • Low viscosity

    • Medium/Fast open time

    • For woodworking, general assembly and lamination of HPL

  • Jowacol 103.40 Specifications

• Glue Thickness: 3-6 mil wet = 10-16 g/sqft

• Open Time: 8-10 minutes

• Pressing Time: 15-40 minutes

• Pressure: 30 psi minimum

• Viscosity: 12,000 (Brookfield)

• Density: 9.1 lbs/Gal

• Solids: 50%

• pH Value: 4-5

• Color: White/opaque

Glue available on request!

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Jowat Jowacoll 107.50 Water Resistant Pre-Catalyzed Type II Water Based Adhesive

Jowat Jowacoll 107.50 is a water resistant, pre-catalyzed Type II water based adhesive. It is often used for KA edgebanding, general assembly and assembly of windows and furniture that will end up in humid/moist environments like bathrooms and kitchens.

107.50 is a self-crosslinking PVAc adhesive with excellent bond strength. We do recommend caution when using with veneer in flat press applications as it can cause discoloration.

Jowacoll 107.50 Features

• Highly water resistant

• Self-crosslinking PVAc adhesive

• For edgebanding, woodworking and assembly

Jowacol 107.50 Specifications

• Open Time: 6-8 minutes

• Pressing Time: 10-15 minutes

• Pressure: 30 psi minimum

• Viscosity: 6,000 (Brookfield)

• Density: 9.1 lbs/Gal

• Solids: 50%

• pH Value: 3

• Color: White/translucent with UV indicator

Glue available on request!

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Jowat Jowacoll 110.60 Fast Setting Wood Bonding Water Based Adhesive

Jowat Jowacoll 110.60 is a PVAc water based adhesive that is perfect for bonding wood when a fast set speed is needed. It offers a medium viscosity and forms a hard, tough glue line with exceptional durability and bond strength. 

  • Jowacoll 110.60 Features

    •  Fast set speed

    •  Great for bonding wood

    •  Used in general assembly and woodworking

    Jowacol 110.60 Specifications

    •  Open Time: 4-5 minutes

    •  Pressing Time: 4-6 minutes

    •  Pressure: 30 psi minimum

    •  Viscosity: 11,500 (Brookfield)

    •  Density: 8.4 lbs/Gal

    •  Solids: 55%

    •  pH Value: 4-5

    •  Color: Opaque

  • Glue available on request!
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Jowat Jowacoll 114.60 Automatic Dowel Driving Water Based Adhesive

Jowat Jowacoll 114.60 is a water based adhesive specifically formulated for automatic dowel driving equipment and applications that operate at low pressure (around 70-120 psi). It works especially well with machines like Koch, Hoffmann, Lehbrink, Weeke and Accu Systems.

Be sure to wait at least 3 hours for further processing of wood parts as the slow set speed takes additional time. 

  • Jowacoll 114.60 Features

    • For Automatic dowel driving

    • Slow set speed

    • For use in low pressure equipment

    Jowacol 114.60 Specifications

    • Viscosity: 125 (Brookfield)

    • Density: 8.8 lbs/Gal

    • Solids: 40%

    • pH Value: 5

    • Color: White/Opaque with UV indicator

  • Glue available on request!

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